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Llama Nicholas to predict Euro 2016 for EA Sports

For the upcoming event of UEFA Euro 2016, EA Sports will use Llama Nicholas to predict the fortune of the countries.

During the 2012 Euro campaign, Llama came second only after German  octopus but with the dead of the octopus Llama is the favorite to forecast the winner of upcoming Euro event.

Llama Nicholas to predict Euro 2016 for EA Sports

Llama Nicholas to predict Euro 2016 for EA Sports

Llama Nicholas came to the highlight after he predicted that Chelsea will win U.E.F.A Champions league 2012  and in fact the prediction got cent percent correct and the animal got sensational within a night. it also correctly predicted that  Chelsea will win in the FA Cup final against Liverpool. However ,Llama’s prediction of England to win 2012 Euro went completely fail as England were ruled out by Italy on Penalty shoot out during the quarter-final match.

According to the Source EA Sports has already signed Llama Nicholas as on the month of October the teams of EA Sports visited farm of Llama to film him and use for the forecast of Euro 2016 events.

YouTube Video on Nicholas the lama

In Contrary to Llama Nicholas,previously,there were other animals used to forecast the veents Like Euro,World cup,Champions league . Among them Paul Octopus of Germany was ranked top as he amazed the world by successfully predicting many matches during World cup 2010 and at last predicting Spain will win World cup 2010 ,it reached to acme of prediction.However death of Octopus has left the position vacant and Nicholas-the Llama ,Citta-an elephant,a pig called Funtik are seeking to put themselves as the greatest fortune tellers of Euro 2016.

Updated: Nov 3, 2015 — 3:39 am
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