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Euro Cup 2016 Draw Results: Who will play who and When?

Euro Cup 2016 Draw took place in 12 December which decided the groups and the final fixtures for the EURO 2016.

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Euro Cup Fixures

Let’s look at the result of the draw.

Final Groups of Euro Cup 2016.

Group A: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland

Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland

Group D: Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia

Group E: Italy, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

After finalizing the Groups, the fixture are finalized. The Euro 2016 will commence from June 10 with host country France plays Romania at Saint Denis Stadium.

Euro 2016 Full Fixtures:


France v Romania (20:00, June 10, St-Denis)

Albania v Switzerland (14:00, June 11, Lens)

Romania v Switzerland (17:00, June 15, Paris)

France v Albania (20:00, June 15, Marseille)

Romania v Albania (20:00, June 19, Lyon)

Switzerland v France (20:00, June 19, Lille)



Wales v Slovakia (1700, June 11, Bordeaux)

England v Russia (2000, June 11, Marseille)

Russia v Slovakia (1400, June 15, Lille)

England v Wales (1400, June 16, Lens)

Russia v Wales (2000, June 20, Toulouse)

Slovakia v England (2000, June 20, St-Etienne)



Poland v N. Ireland (1700, June 12, Nice)

Germany v Ukraine (2000, June 12, Lille)

Ukraine v N. Ireland (1700, June 16, Lyon)

Germany v Poland (2000, June 16, St-Denis)

Ukraine v Poland (1700, June 21, Marseille)

Ireland v Germany (1700, June 21, Paris)



Turkey v Croatia (1400, June 12, Paris)

Spain v Czech Rep (1400, June 13, Toulouse)

Czech Rep v Croatia (1700, June 17 St-Etienne)

Spain v Turkey (2000, June 17, Nice)

Czech Rep v Turkey (2000, June 21, Lens)

Croatia v Spain (2000, June 21, Bordeaux)



Rep Ireland v Sweden (1700 June 13, St-Denis)

Belgium v Italy (2000, June 13, Lyon)

Italy v Sweden (1400, June 17, Toulouse)

Belgium v Rep Ireland (1400 June 18 Bordeaux)

Italy v Rep Ireland (2000, June 22, Lille)

Sweden v Belgium (2000, June 22, Nice)



Austria v Hungary (1700, June 14, Bordeaux)

Portugal v Iceland (2000, June 14, St-Etienne)

Iceland v Hungary (1700, June 18, Marseille)

Portugal v Austria (2000, June 18, Paris)

Iceland v Austria (1700, June 22, St-Denis)

Hungary v Portugal (1700, June 22, Lyon)


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