About the tickets details for UEFA Euro 2106,they vary according to the different categories of the ticket. For the cheapest ticket ,you have to select category four and for the  most expensive one, you have to go to the category. Well, you can see the various categories down on the pages. And also note that the ticket prices varies from opening to the final for every category.



Beside that,UEFA has managed different kinds of packages for the fans so that they get maximum possible bargain during the purchase of the tickets.

Type1 : Single Ticket –If fans wants tickets for  the particular match then one applicant can buy maximum four tickets.They can watch  only one match per day after the purchase of tickets.

Type 2:  Destination Ticket-In this package,fan can watch two matches in a particular chosen stadium.

Type 3 : accessibility Ticket-This package is specially designed for wheelchair users and other group of people who requires easy access of seat.

The tickets will be available after the final draw of Euro 2016 will be announced. The final draw is scheduled to be announced on the month of December.

To book the ticket online, one should fill the online form from Official UEFA website .Then UEFA makes a random draw for the selection and the selected user are notified through email. To increase your chances,make sure you have got sufficient amount on your credit card between now and 15th August.



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