UEFA Euro 2016 will kick off from 10th June and is one of the most awaited and anticipated tournament for the world.  Going back to the time,2012 Euro had one of the most fascinated figure on their popularity across the world.The Quarter final match of England vs Italy was seen by more than 100 millions fans across the globe. Beside that,there was a high attraction of market share on the tournament. The sensation of UEFA euro was not only confined on the stadium and television but in social media as well, they gained high popularity.

Now as the  Euro 2016 is all set to take place. Here are three exclusive reason why  Euro 2016  is the most anticipated tournament for the World.

1.Popularity and fans

Words are less to describe the love and passion of Europe towards football. Whether its  Domestic League or International tournament,the stadium is always embellished with the eclectic fans.

Fans from different countries supporting their nationan in Euro 2012.

Beside that UEFA Euro is one of the most popular event in the world. In every  year of the Euro, UEFA are breaking their previous records. This clearly demonstrate that the charm of UEFA Euro is increasing day by day. Not only in  Europe, fans from Asia,South America and Africa are desperately waiting for UEFA Euro 2016.


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