UEFA Euro 2016 is the 15th edition of European Championship and is all set to held in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016.  With a host privilege, France has already booked their berth for UEFA Euro 2016.  With less than three months left for the draw,there are lots of speculation about the working of UEFA Euro 2016 .Well, we come with an exclusive and complete guide of the working of UEFA Euro 2016 .

First of all ,there will be 24 participant nations who will take part on the tournament. As a host nation, France has already confirmed their spot in the top 24 list. Now for the remaining 23 list ,qualifier matches will be played and it will decide the entrance of the Countries. All the countries are divided into Nine groups respectively. Winner , Runner up  from each group and the remaining best third  will confirm their spot on the top 24 .  The remaining third ranked team from each group will compete in a play-off match to determine the spot for the remaining vacancies.

A complete guide to the working of UEFA Euro 2016.

About draw, draw will take on 12 December 2015 at Paris. For the draw, there will be 4 pots. If Spain qualifies for the UEFA Euro then as a defending champion  they will be placed at pot 1. As already placed on A1 group,France won’t be participating on the draw. The teams will be drawn to six group from A to F and each group will consist of Four members .Pot 1 will have five teams including Spain whereas other pots will have six teams.

After the end of Qualifier match,8 teams will be eliminated and remaining 16 teams will play for the title. Winners and Runner ups from each group will get a go to the Round of 16. The remaining 4 will be the best third-placed sides from each group.

There are also some protocol of determining fixtures of Knockout stage. First of all,the fixtures will be determined from which four best third-placed sides will reach to the knock out stage.For example, if the teams of groups A, B, C and D finishes third and qualifies then,the pairings will be WA v 3C, WB v 3D, WC v 3A and WD v 3B.

And so goes for Quarter to final and Europe will get their champion on 10th  July.


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